Miscellaneous 2001-2011

2011, painted in the Art Academy classroom, Tallinn.

"Rememberance", 2011.


"King for a day, fool for a lifetime", 2011.

"Blue and red color", 2011.


These two paintings were created when curator Teet Veispak invited us, the MA-students of the Estonian Academy of Art, to participate in the exhibition titled "My erotic" in the Rakvere Exhibition house in 2011.
Some articles about the whole exhibition in Estonian journals:
Eesti Päeväleht

"Terms of Delivery" ("Kättesaamise Tingimused")                                         "Dickhead"

"Dickhead", 2011. Oil on canvas.
Size approx. 90x50cm.

2009, painted in Lauttasaari, Vadelma office, Helsinki.


"Past, present, future"

2007, painted in Lönnrothinkatu Vadelma cellar, Helsinki.

"The Blues Monkey I & II"


"Kuka minä olen?" "Who am I?"

2006, painted in Art academy Turku, my own studio at the school.



2004-2005, Painted at my home in Krakow, Biezanowska street:

"Piękny Koniec Świata" ("The Beautiful End of the World" ) (Gifted.)

"Punainen" ("Red") 2005.

 2005, painted at my studio in Krakow, Kazimierz:

"Alkemia" (Magic and mayhem) 
The painting is made on patterned door, which means, that the landscape was already on the door and I have painted the man. If you watch carefully, you can see a keyhole on the right side of the painting. This painting is currently in a storage and is looking for a good home. It's huge and weights 30kg. I believe it could be a nice decoration in public place like bar or club. Price is negotiable!

2002, painted at Oriveden Opisto, Kalliolinna:

" (:2) = 1+1+1 Sinistä Matematiikkaa " "(:2) = 1+1+1 Blue Mathematics" 2002

2001, painted at my home in Koskensaari (River Island):

"Kuolema" ("Death") 2001

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