"Shiva" 2015 

Shiva 2015, oil on canvas. The painting is for sale! Price 400€

"Saraswati" 2009

Goddess Saraswati. The painting is for sale! 500€. Framed.

Altar background painting for Sri Sri Gaura Nitai 2014
Painted for the opening of the Malmi manor in Helsinki.
Oil on wooden panel 90x120cm

Altar background painting for Sri Sri Gaura Nitai 2010
Oil on canvas 90x120cm.

"Lord Vishnu" 2010


Oil on board, 2009. (Gifted.)

"Ganesh" 2007

"Rönsyilevä tieto -triptyykki" 2005-2009

Rönsyilevä Tieto. The painting is for sale! Make an offer. I would give it cheap because it is in the storage and better place would be on the wall.

This triptych was my first work dealing with spiritual motives. When I started the work in 2005 it was a view on my spiritual position during that time. Then I had to move away from my studio and the painting was left unfinished. 
I continued the work in 2009. The composition has remained the same. 
There are many religions, many ways, but only one destination, one universal God. 

The eye in the middle depicts God and the center of the eye reflects the life around it. Blue creatures are dancing happily, but some of them are falling down to the hellish fire. Fire turns them into ground and on the right you can see them rising up again as water and plants. Above the red flower is a chinese woman in a Falun Gong meditation-posture and a gate decorated with jewish symbols and hearts. Behind the gate there is a beautiful garden and in front of that I have randomly picked up one picture from Bhagavad Gita, Lord Vishnu, representing Hinduism.
In the bottom of the left panel there are again Falun Gong postures and a text in chinese:

Circulating Fa reaches emptiness. 
The heart is serene as a clear jade. 
Return to origin and true self. 
Feeling is as light as you were floating.” 

The man is standing on the text ”tao” which means road or way. Above on the left side there is an image of Jesus Christ, who is actually my friend Gianluca who happened to visit in my studio.
In the middle panel on the top I have pictured the visualization of Tibetan Buddhist meditation practice, where Karmapa is sitting on a multicoloured lotus flower on a flat moon disc, holding a dorje and a bell in the hands crossed over his heart. Buddha Sakyamuni sits on his left side and is radiating golden light. Sangha sits on his right side, and behind them there are Dharma - the teachings.