With Lilli Tölp

The main idea was to make an approach to a diary in an intimate way. We used authentic diary material accompanied with factual text as a script for the imagery, which was out of context, telling it's own story. The short film was produced on an experimental film class held by professor Raivo Kelomees in the Estonian Academy of Art.

The Sea

This film is an explanation to the question where I have put most of my creative energy in the first semester in the EKA (Art Academy). Requirements were to base the storyboard on narrative and not to make for example a music video, which could have been an obvious choice in another case.
   Story is about a finnish couple, Pete and Hilda. They have an argument and Pete rushes away and travels across the sea to Tallinn. When the sea is separating the lovers, they have to question their true feelings for each other...
    Pete is dreaming on the boat and remembers the last night, when he was out drinking with his friends. In his dream Hilda appears as Aphrodite, the greek goddess of love and procreation. The golden apple is an attribute which refers to the mythology. Hilda's appearance as Aphrodite in Pete's dream carries a meaning, that she is his true love. But what will Pete do...?
Length: 12min.

The City Of Ice

"My mind is frozen
and my heart... is frozen.
But... it's not cold.
Because it has always been like this."

This video is produced by using amateur technic; a compact camera, Adobe Photoshop and iMovie. I have also made the sound myself with Garage Band-program. 
This is as well a school project and responds to a task of describing an imaginary city.

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