Still life and nature


dry pastel in the spring in Petäjävesi

attempt to make more detailed work a bit later. Not that succesfull! 

Watercolor and pastel.


View at the summer cottage Spring

View by the stream on summer evening


At the summer cottage. What is the artist doing on holidays...? Painting.
Size approx. 20x35cm. Gifted.


"Allegory of Mother's Love" 
 (Copy of a painting by unknown Italian painter from 15th Century)


Still life with an onion


Summer holiday-paintings 

Landscape, size approx 30 x 40cm. (Sold)

Railway bridge, size aprox 35 x 40cm.


 "Love is a metaphor" 



I've found out recently, that the still life on the left, which I've painted in the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow, has been destroyed. Also the painting on the right is lost. It was one of the pictures I left in the Gallery Janczy Art in Cracow in 2005. The gallerist sold the painting, but didn't pay for the artist; thus I designate it as stolen. As far as I remember, the painting is not signed. I have painted it in the garden of Na Skalce church in Cracow, Poland, 2005.