Portraits I


These two portraits of Gosia and Piotrek are FOUND. 
The paintings were taken by evil gallerist Karolina Janczy in her gallery Janczy Art on Grodzka street in Cracow, Poland, 2005. The gallerist sold the paintings, but she never paid for the artist. As I was making research in the neighborhood few years later, I found out, that I wasn't the only victim of deception. However, one year ago, that is ten years later, I got an email from the owner of these paintings. They have found a good home and they are very much loved and taken good care of. 
The story of the lost paintings has a happy end!



"Lady in black", 2004. Aquarell.
Size approx. 30x20cm.
"Psycho", 2005. Oil on wood, 36x26cm. 

"Renata II", 2005.
Oil on canvas, 145x50cm

"Maiju" 2003.Acryl, 35x50cm.

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