maanantai 12. joulukuuta 2011

"Meditation nr 1"

The estonian phrase, "Kõik on korras, nagu Norras" ( Everything is in order, like in Norway)
turned to have an ironic meaning after the mass murder in Norway 2011. What can an individual do about it? One of Buddha's teachings was, that you can't stop anger by responding to it with anger. Only way to conquer anger is love.

The work is also a view to the indisposition of a wealthware society. According to the dictum everything is in order in Norway, referring also to the wealth of the country. But does wealth necessarily quarantee happiness and mental balance?

The painting was executed directly on the wall in Vadelma ry's group exhibition "Planeet Vaarikas" in the Art Container Gallery, in Polymer, Tallinn, during the Culture Factory festival.


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