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Today, I carried 400kg of wood briquettes high up to the third floor or Sport & Culture Factory Polymer. If anyone ever again dares to claim, that artists are not doing "real work", they can come to kiss my a**.
The project of building up the stove in my studio was challenging and I exceeded my physical limits quite a few times. Actually these limits were not physical, but psychological. I learned a valuable lesson: if i believe I can do it, then I can. The first lesson of using the hammer drill and preparing cement, and the second lesson of using the grinder could be considered as a part of my MA degree, although I will not get any ECTS credits for them.

It made me think about it again, how people are assuming, that artists are unnecessary parasites of society and that they don't do any real work. This is the situation at least in my home country, Finland. "Get a real job" is that, what they are saying.
I am totally exhausted of fighting for my right to be an artist and for my place in the society. The arts, music, visual arts and literature, have been a part of civilization as long as there has existed any.
Can't people really see that they are consuming art everyday? The audience is very eager to enjoy the results of creative action, but they have no idea, how many hours of practice and preparations each action takes.

How would be a world without art? The cars are designed by artists and people drive them listening music on the radio. Journalists are also artists, they provide content. How would look a photograph without any idea about the contrast or the composition? These are not merely technological issues. In fact it is about understanding proportions, which is the automatic mathematics, that can be perfected by the practice of visual observation.
   In a discussion that was aroused among the public during the last president election in Finland in 2012, someone was in fact claiming, that musicians and artists are unnecessary for the society. However, as I already stated, arts and music have been a great part of civilization from ancient times, and there is no way to claim, that human kind could exist without these creative actions. Being an artist is not taken as a proper occupation, but in which sense, let's say for example telemarketing, is a more proper occupation? 

World needs art more, than art needs world!

"Fireplace" by Mike Fire and S. Salama 

And it heats up my studio! Now let's paint!

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